"My partner and I picked this stone out together, stumbling upon it on @mountainmommagems Instagram 💖 When my partner asked me if I wanted this stone to be in my engagement ring, I knew right away. Not only is it beautiful, but I already knew and loved Shannon’s business. Shannon is one of the people who inspired me to get into jewelry. I deeply admire her practices of sustainability: using recycled materials and honoring the beautiful Montana land that these sapphires come from. Shannon helped me pick out the right setting and let me customize it exactly as I wanted, with a mix of sapphires and diamonds surrounding the center. I feel so blessed, not only to have my ring, but to have worked with Shannon in the process, whom I deeply respect. I know the struggle of a family business, and she is carrying on the legacy with so much strength , grace and care for her customers. So really this is a spotlight on Shannon, she’s amazing and all of you should follow her and support her amazing business!"