About Us

Sharing our family's passion for Montana Sapphires with you.

Our family is a unique one. We have been in the business of Montana Sapphires for over 35 years. My Father and Mother were very passionate about digging for Montana Sapphires and they brought us kids along on their adventures. We all dug for Sapphires ( I was the youngest and a bit of a whipper snapper at the time, so I didn't get to dig as much as I would've liked), Dad did the heat treating in his back yard shed in a kiln that he built himself. He got so good that he was one of the best heat treaters in the state. For a few years my parents held the only cutting contract for Gem Mountain Sapphire mine and it was literally our bread and butter and put a roof over our heads. My parent's work has been featured on the cover of Lapidary Journal and contributed important information for articles in National Geographic and Gems and Gemology.

Over the years we all came and went in different directions, but we all kept coming back to Montana Sapphires in one form or another. My brothers and I learned the art of faceting from our parents when we were teens and our mom taught private faceting classes in Montana. 

Now I am the one blessed to be holding the torch, carrying on my family's tradition and offering our beautiful Sapphires to you to make your own unique stories with. I love that our family legacy lives on in the symbols of love, appreciation and celebration that folks use our Montana Sapphires to make. Each Montana Sapphire is unique as is the stories of the people who wear them.

Mountain Momma Gems donates a portion of every purchase to Together Rising, a non-profit organization that connects donators and the causes they care about to people and organizations meeting those needs.