Frequently Asked Questions

Since sapphires are so hard, does that mean that they won’t break?

NO! This is a common misconception. Sapphires (and even diamonds!) can break from impacts and can scratch from daily wear. Remove your jewelry (and put it in a safe place!) when doing heavy work with your hands like gardening or rock climbing. Granite countertops are the great murderer of diamonds and gemstones, so please be cautious if you own them.

Wait, aren’t sapphires blue? What are all of these different colors I’m seeing?

Montana sapphires come in every color imaginable (and then some), but red. Red sapphire is called Ruby. Sapphires are pleochroic meaning that they have different colors when looked at from different angles. I’ve seen some color change Montana sapphires with more than 5 colors in the same gem. Nature had a party when it made these!

I've noticed that everyone's computer monitor displays colors differently. This may alter the appearance of the sapphire's color from what it truly is. I do try to list everything as accurate as I can, and to the best of my ability in any given moment. If you have any questions about a stone's color or clarity, please let me know.

Do you use recycled metals?

YES! All of the metals that we use have been reclaimed, refined and cast into new pieces.

It’s our goal to be as environmentally friendly as possible and that starts with our products.

Do you have any unheated Sapphires?

My dad was a heat treater and very little escaped his kiln. I do have a small amount of untreated rough but that is reserved for special requests. I can get unheated sapphires but they are special order and cost more.

Are all of your sapphires cut by you?

Most of the larger ones are cut by us, but most of the melee (under 4.5 mm) was cut in Thailand by friends of my family in a clean and ethical facility.

What deposit are your Montana Sapphires from?
Mostly Rock Creek outside of Phillipsburg in the Sapphire Mountains of Montana. I will on occasion get some Missouri River sapphires in.  
Do you sell Yogos?
I don’t carry them regularly but I’m happy to get them for you. Send me a message and I’ll help you with sourcing.
Do you do jewelry and stone repair work?
Not at this time. 
Can I visit your shop?
We don’t have a brick and mortar shop at this time. Seattle/Tacoma area folks can send me a message to coordinate in-person pickup of purchased goods. 
Do you make all of your own jewelry yourselves?
Not at this time. We are taking classes and learning more everyday and it’s our goal to be able to make all of the jewelry we sell ourselves. While we learn, we team up with other local professionals to bring you quality jewelry that is made properly. 
Can I bring my old jewelry to you to be repurposed?

Not at this time but we hope to be able to offer this in the future.

Do you carry other kinds of sapphires other than Montana?
We specialize in Montana but can get gems from other origins in upon request. 
Do you carry diamonds?

Yes I do! I have a broad selection available from salt and pepper to rose cuts to fully cut and certified.

Do you carry moissanite?
I will make moissanite available to my clients on a by-request basis. 
Are your Montana Sapphires independently certified?

No. They come with a certificate of authenticity from my shop and you are welcome to purchase outside certification from GIA or EGL laboratories. I recognize that 3rd party, independent certification is important to some clients and want to have that as an available option for added peace of mind.